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Lifting, Leveling, and Lowering Kits for Your Suspension

At Mr. Nobody Tire Pros in Gastonia, NC, we help all types of drivers with a broad range of vehicles. Many customers want to customize their vehicles’ suspensions to improve performance, get better ground clearance, or give their trucks a more aggressive appearance. We offer outstanding lifting, leveling, and lowering kits to enhance our customer’s vehicles with custom suspension solutions. Our team can expertly install a kit in your vehicle to give it more street appeal or protect its body from sharp rocks and other hazardous road or trail debris. We keep our kits and services at competitive prices to ensure you can get everything you need in one place.

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Lift Kits for Gastonia, NC Drivers

Finding a lift kit for your vehicle can enhance its appearance and keep it safely above road and trail hazards. Mr. Nobody Tire Pros will gladly help you select and install a lift kit matching your custom suspension goals. There are many reasons to raise your vehicle’s suspension. You get the additional ground clearance to outfit your truck with big, fierce-looking tires and wheels. A raised suspension also gives your vehicle’s body less exposure to sharp rocks while driving. A lift kit helps you achieve a more aggressive and distinct vehicle appearance towering over other vehicles. Our team can help you decide how many inches to raise your vehicle.

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Leveling Kits for Your Truck’s Stance

If you need to improve your truck’s stance and get ground clearance for bigger wheels and tires, our leveling kits may be a perfect solution. Most trucks include a higher rear out of the factory to accommodate hauling heavy loads in the truck bed. A leveling kit can be appropriate if you don’t use your truck to transport loads often, and its nose dives whenever you drive. We can adjust your truck to the desired height and provide benefits like extra ground clearance, improved appearance, and an even front and rear. Our team has ample expertise in leveling kits and can advise you on the best kits and heights for your truck and customizing goals.

Lowering Kits for Performance Benefits

You can add various benefits by lowering your vehicle’s suspension, and Mr. Nobody Tire Pros is ready to help you achieve them. A lower center of gravity reduces your risk of rollovers, and you may have less wind drag because of greater aerodynamics. With a lower suspension, some vehicles also gain improved handling and greater tire grip. You also get better street appeal and set your vehicle apart from stock models by giving it a custom look.

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