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Long Avenue Location

I had a great experience with Mr. Nobody. The manager gave me a ride to my job, 2 days, because I had to leave my car. I am very pleased with my new tires. Very warm front desk person, and she knew her job well, she helped me with picking the right tires

Karen Howard

I got checked in. David mounted and balanced the tires and wheels. Everyone was nice. Work went quickly. No problems. I didn't even have to wait.

Kenneth Ross

They always do a great job for me.

Donnie Clark

Let's just say I had a huge smile on my face when I got in my vehicle to leave ! There very polite and work with you as well!

Joanna Scott

I've only been in for nail/screws in tires or for inspection, but they are always fast and super nice. I did have them quote me for new tires and they were lower than the other places I had already been to.

Melanie Main

Only had an oil change and was very easy and fast.

Barbra Maney

I spent $400 and the problems still exist. I went back and they done some additional work,they only charged for the part.

Frank K.

Excellent fast service. Great work!

Susan Cartwright

Very nice establishment. Got me on my way. And price wasnt to bad for 1 new tire and tire repair.

Karianna Chaparro

Fasr Shawn and crew very helpful in explaining what the problem is with your car the front desk clerk very kind and helpful would highly recommend them.

Randolph Jackson

Everyone is super nice here. Love that they give there employees the weekend off.

Dick McDonald

The service was great and efficient!! It was also reasonably priced! Customer service was excellent and I/we will definitely do business with Mr. No Body again; they make you feel like you’re somebody…..special!

Brenda Kimber

Been coming here for years, always do a great job an are really friendly and professional, prices good, have known the owner for many years and is a good guy, Ashley knows her stuff as well good mechanics finally nice an clean!!

Harld Barkley

Great service and great price! Definitely made a new customer.

Cody Petticrew

1st time to experience their services and was very pleased! I called the day before to inquire of the availability and was told to bring it! Brake job and oil change in just a few hours!

Barry Coleman

Union Road Location

Quick service, honest assessments of what was needed, clear communication, and nice staff. Would recommend to anyone in Gastonia.

Jason Graffis

Efficient, priced right, no surprises.

Mark Zukaitis

My car broke down, 215 miles from home, on a road trip. Called Mr. Nobody Tire who not only towed my vehicle, found the problem AND pointed out a factory recall. These guys are top-notch professionals....THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING

Josh Glover

This was my first experience at Mr.Nobody. My diagnostic machine recommended them an I’m glad I went! They calmed my nerves and handled the anxiety that comes with vehicle repairs. They had me in a half a day after I thought I would be down for a few days. Thank you for the fast and reliable repair and service. You have gained a new customer and I will recommend you to all! THANK YOU!!!


This was my first time here and I had an amazing experience! Being a woman, I sometimes get nervous taking my car to a shop. The tech, Jason, was very caring and adjusted his quote once he realized the labor wasn't as extensive as they initially thought. They text updates and you can pay online, as well as see the full quote online. I will be a repeat customer! To top it off, they got me in and out in half a day so I wasn't without my car for too long. Thank you for showing what great customer service looks like!

Cayla Graffis

Very helpful and always do a great job!

Paige Gore

Great service and friendly folks. They do fantastic work.

Mark Oakes

Great people- great service!

Mary Jane Eudy

My favorite car repair shop!

Jasmine Smith

Fast and friendly service. Great prices. 10 out of 10 recommend!

Omar Barnett

Very quick service. Updated texts for progress of work and then completed total of work. Very professional.

Tony McCraw

The experience with Mr Nobody's on Union Road was a great time with them.

Zenobia Crawford

Excellent mechanical service and wonderful customer service. They constantly go above and beyond. We take all our cars to Mr.Nobody and will continue to do so.

Debi Pace

Mr.Nobody’s staff are always professional, courteous, and timely! I have been using them for years to service all of our vehicles. I highly recommend them!

Lynn Chupp

Extra-special employees, awesome job

Arlene Dunn

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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